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  该 陶瓷管采用等静压工艺制作,具有很高的绝缘、耐磨、耐压、耐蚀、耐热性能,因 此可广泛应用于矿山、电力、钢铁、冶金、煤碳、化工等行业,作为输送砂石、煤粉、灰渣、铝 液等磨削性颗粒物料和腐蚀性介质,是 一种理想的耐磨耐蚀管道。

  其 中大规格陶瓷管是我公司的优势,直径可以做到600mm,壁厚可以做到70mm

  The ceramic tube is made by isostatic pressing technology. It has the high insulation, abrasion resistance, compression resistance, corrosion resistance and heat resistance. So it can be used widely in many trades,such as mine, electrical power, iron and steel, metallurgy, coal, chemical etc as media for conveying grinding particles and corrosion materials, such as sand, coal powder, clinker and aluminum liquid. Hence it is a perfect abrasion resistant and corrosion resistant pipe.

  The large size ceramic tube is our company's superior product. The diameter is as large as 600mm,the wall thickness is up to 70mm, and the length is up to 1500mm.

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